My complaint about alf

((I found a complaint generator. The complaint about me came out really nice, try it yourself: just put the name of your significant others, submit and laugh)).


I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful, and I obviously don’t want to start an argument, but Alf’s claims are pure tripe. Those readers of brittle disposition might do well to await a ride on the next emotionally indulgent transport; this one is scheduled nonstop over rocky roads. As soon as you’re strapped in, I’ll announce something to the effect of how many people are incredulous when I tell them that Alf intends to cashier anyone who tries to ring the bells of truth. “How could Alf be so predaceous?”, they ask me. “It doesn’t seem possible.” Well, it is clearly possible, and now I’ll explain exactly how Alf plans to do it. But first, you need to realize that muzzy-headed, evil drunks serve as the priests in his cult of biased clericalism. These “priests” spend their days basking in Alf’s reflected glory, pausing only when Alf instructs them to deliver an additional blow to dignity and self-worth. What could be more negligent? I can give you only my best estimate, made after long and anxious consideration, but I do not pose as an expert in these matters. I can say only that he possesses no significant intellectual skills whatsoever and has no interest in erudition. Heck, he can’t even spell or define “erudition”, much less achieve it. This state of affairs demands the direct assault on those disorganized expedients that seek to traduce and discredit everyone but libidinous backstabbers. I could accuse Alf of using postmodernist pamphleteers to get his way, but I wouldn’t stoop to that level. Now, lest you jump to the conclusion that he can walk on water, I assure you that he and his spokesmen are, by nature, neurotic gasbags. Not only can that nature not be changed by window-dressing or persiflage, but it is easy to see faults in others. But it takes perseverance to act as a positive role model for younger people.

I have seen what Alf is capable of, and I am afraid. I am very afraid and I am very angry. The ultimate aim of his threats is to restructure society as a pyramid with Alf at the top, Alf’s coadjutors directly underneath, lousy meanies beneath them, and the rest of at the bottom. This new societal structure will enable Alf to create a world sunk in the most abject superstition, fanaticism, and ignorance, which makes me realize that he cannot tolerate the world as it is. He needs to live in a world of fantasies. To be more specific, there are three fairly obvious problems with Alf’s opinions, each of which needs to be addressed by any letter that attempts to create and nurture a true spirit of community. First, Alf’s dupes explain everything through the lens of Alf’s garrulous and ideologically loaded ravings. Second, this, of itself, is prima facie evidence that Alf’s goombahs have an inadequate grasp of acceptable scientific method and data interpretation. And third, Alf’s ploys are rife with contradictions and difficulties; they’re utterly cankered, meet no objective criteria, and are unsuited for a supposedly educated population. And as if that weren’t enough, when I was a child, my clergyman told me, “Unless we stand our ground, things will only get worse.” If you think about it you’ll see his point. If Alf got his way, he’d be able to bring about a wonderland of antiheroism. Brrrr! It sends chills down my spine just thinking about that. He is an interesting character. On the one hand, Alf likes to sully my reputation. But on the other hand, by refusing to act, by refusing to operate on today’s real — not tomorrow’s ideal — political terrain, we are giving him the power to elevate his fulminations to prominence as epistemological principles.

Alf is careless with data, makes all sorts of causal interpretations of things without any real justification, has a way of combining disparate ideas that don’t seem to hang together, seems to show a sort of pride in his own biases, gets into all sorts of wily speculation, and then makes no effort to test out his speculations — and that’s just the short list! He is interpersonally exploitative. That is, he takes advantage of others to achieve his own revolting ends. Why does he do that? There aren’t enough hours in the day to fully answer that question, but consider this: If Alf’s understrappers had even an ounce of integrity, they would demand a thoughtful analysis and resolution of our problems with Alf. As part of his efforts to gain a mainstream following, he publishes the Journal of Infernal Blackguardism. Included alongside articles discussing history, culture, art, religion, and philosophy are endorsements of his plans to convince others that iconoclastic brigands are the “chosen people” of scriptural prophecy. While reading this letter, you may have occasionally asked yourself, “Where is all of this leading?” and, “What is the point exactly?” I deliberately wrote in the style I did so that you may come up with your own conclusions. Therefore, I leave you with only the following: Alf’s asseverations disgust and infuriate me.


~ by aavalos41 on September 28, 2007.

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