and though I know you can’t appreciate it

Gray and green. Much better than blue and yellow.

Costa Rican rainy season is a hypocrite. How is that? Why does it have to be sunny in the mornings and rain in the afternoon? Bullshit! in sunny season it doesn’t rain at all, or at least not as often as the sun is shining, burning, drying everything on a season where it doesn’t belong. One of the first checkboxes checked under ‘reasons why I must leave this place’.

Today it was better, raining since I woke up. The smell of wet soil and pavement, the dampness in the air. If only it could be like this all of the time…

Funny how people is already jaded of rainy afternoons, I still feel like it is starting. It is never long enough.

I am not an antagonist on purpose. But it always looks I am on the other side. And I hate sunny days, whole heartedly.


~ by aavalos41 on October 8, 2007.

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